Sample Plans

Check out some of our earlier work on home plans, architectural designs, made according to client requirements and vaastu
Sketch Plan

The Very important stage of designing to reflect your ideas and need of a perfact house. The sketch plan is prepared as per your requirements for your home considering the aesthetic view along with utilities for a perfact home. All the factors like light, ventilation, grouping of different modules of house. We also consider the concept of vastu the treditional indian architecture so that we can live in your house peacefully. The customized sketch plan provides you the number of options for your ideas of a perfact home.

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0001.jpg            Ground Floor Plan 0002.jpg            First Floor plan SKETCH PLAN-Model.jpg            Ground floor plan first floor.jpg            First floor plan second floor.jpg            Second floor plan 60X40.jpg            best suited for plot size 55x45 and above
for h4i.jpg            Best Syited for 45x65 and above plot area
Working Drawing

The actual working starts with working drawing. The drawing contain all the detaild dimension of wall, level changes, placements of doors and windows, architectural projection as per the elevation. This is the drawing used for execution of all masonry work.

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CENTER LINE PLAN.jpg            COMPOUND DETAILS.jpg            DADO PATTERN.jpg            DADO PATTERN-WALL.jpg            DOOR SHUTTERS DETAILS.jpg            ELECTRICAL  LAYOUT.jpg           
ELEVATION SIDE.jpg            KITCHEN TOILET DETAILS.jpg            Main Gate-Model.jpg            MUNCIPAL  DRAWING.jpg            SHUTTERS DETAILS.jpg            STAIRCASE DETAILS.jpg           
Staircase Railing.jpg            WINDOW GRILL DETAIL.jpg            WORKING DRAWING.jpg            FINAL-01.jpg            FINAL-02.jpg            COMPLETE PROJECT.jpg           
Structural Details

Our team of experts designs the most economical structural for your home. We consider all the safety measures while doing the structural's for your dream home. The advance computer techniques help us to reduce the costing of the building by doing the possible economical structural designing. All the details about steel, concrete section are given along with the specification and what safety measures you take while casting each structural member is also mention on every drawing. The different details for each level helps you to understand better what do at what time while your construction is in progress. Our customer care experts also ready at every time to guid you through the complete procedure of your construction.

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CENTER LINE PLAN.jpg            FOUNDATION LEVEL PLAN.jpg            Plinth Beams.jpg            SLAB LEVEL PLAN.jpg            STAIRCASE DETAILS.jpg           

The perfact and complete beauty is come from finishing touches to your house that we provide you the best solution for the same. The interior for the B utilisation of space, innovative designs to give different touches to your house, depends on your choice and moodthe interior package includes the false ceil,drawing, the light details, the colour schame,furniture layout,f

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INTERIOR LAYOUT1-Model.jpg            waykos pop-Model.jpg            waykos interior.jpg           
Our Service Charges

Individual Plans
  • Sketch Plan: AED 9.18 per sq.fts
  • Working Drawing: AED 18.36 per sq.fts
  • Structural Detail: AED 18.36 per sq.fts
  • Interior Designing: AED 91.82 per sq.fts
  • Landscapes: AED 36.73 per sq.fts
  • 3D Views: AED 18.36 per sq.fts

Combo Plans
  • Silver Plan: Working Drawing+Structural Details AED 29.38 per sq.fts
  • Gold Plan: Working Drawing+Structural Details+Interiors AED 91.82 per sq.fts
  • Platinum Plan: Working Drawing+Structural Details+Interiors+Landscaps AED 110.18 per sq.fts