Our Service Charges
We provide following design services, to enable easy execution of your dream homes.

Individual Plans
  • Sketch Plan: INR 2.50 per sq.fts
  • Working Drawing: INR 15.00 per sq.fts
  • Structural Detail: INR 10.00 per sq.fts
  • Interior Designing: INR 60.00 per sq.fts
  • Landscapes: INR 25.00 per sq.fts
  • 3D Views: INR 10.00 per sq.fts

Combo Plans
  • Silver Plan: Working Drawing+Structural Details INR 20.00 per sq.fts
  • Gold Plan: Working Drawing+Structural Details+Interiors INR 60.00 per sq.fts
  • Platinum Plan: Working Drawing+Structural Details+Interiors+Landscaps INR 80.00 per sq.fts
Design Services - Images of Dream
We provide following design services, to enable easy execution of your dream homes.

  1. Conceptual Sketches, Conceptual Home Plans
  2. Working Drawing
  3. Electrical Detailings
  4. Plumbing Details
  5. 3D view with full detailing
  6. Floor Plans of Each Floor
Structural Services - Safe and Economic
We provide following Structural services, to enable safe and economic execution of your dream homes.

  1. Foundation Details of home designs
  2. Staircase Details of each floor plans
  3. Slabs and lintel Details of each floor plans
  4. Architectural Work Details
  5. Earthquake resistive Structurals
Interior Services - Designer Utilities
We provide following interior services, to make your utilities, designer ones.We prepared the interiors for both europium and Indian homes designs.

  1. Initial Concept Layout
  2. Detailed Furniture Drawings
  3. Electrical Detailing
  4. False Ceiling Details
  5. Special Touches to Spaces
Vaastu Services - A Science of Direction
Our services in vaastu provide you peace of mind with the following detailing

  1. Vaastu Study of Your Home
  2. General Layout as Per vaastu
  3. Vaastu for Interiors
  4. Vaastu for Landscapes
Landscape Services - Designer Outdoors
We provide following landscape services, to make designer outdoor of your homes.

  1. Initial Conceptual Layout
  2. Detailed civil work
  3. Useful Plant and Flowery Culture
  4. Kinds Garden
  5. Water Body Details

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Vaishali Sharma

Chief Architect

Designing is the vision which we must have for our client,vision to understand what he is thinking for his specific project,vision for his future requirements ,needs and of course the beauty which he feels for his entire project.