Our Journey

The Journey

The fascinating Journey from the slums of Buldana to a design studio in Thane.

A carpenter’s son who dreamed big, had the will power to overcome all odds and aspired to be an Interior designer , now owns a design studio that provides architectural and interior services to his clients.

Let’s track his fascinating journey.

Ashok Sharma founded Homes4India in 1998, with a capital investment of just 5000. Owns 2 design studios in the heart of Thane and Buldana respectively. Entrepreneurial journey is nothing less than a Bollywood flick, and would inspire young guns to follow in his footsteps.

Today Homes4India is a 5 crore turnover company that primarily works for small interior projects of shopping malls, hotels, and hospitals. Ashok has been a self-made man, his passion for architectural works grew since childhood when he used to accompany his carpenter dad to work.

He says, “Be consistent and fair with your profession. Always think about client’s problem as that of your own and try to find appropriate solution for the same. Only then the results will be better and beautiful. Have patience for success and keep trying in a positive note.”

Ashok Sharma

CEO, Homes for India Pvt Ltd

“We are contributing to fulfil the dreams of people and through infrastructure development, we are designing for individual and public places and working towards raising the standard of living in society at large.”

Ashok Sharma

CEO, Homes for India Pvt Ltd

“One name has to mention here is my wife Ar. Vaishali Sharma.  She is a computer engineer by qualification before marriage. After marriage, to support me, she accept to pursue B.Arch, a very tough job for a married woman with one small baby, but her determination to contribute to Homes For India makes it possible. She join Homes For India in 2009 and led the company as a Chief Architect. A True support behind the success of Homes For India”

Vaishali Sharma

Co-Founder & Cheif Architect, Homes for India Pvt Ltd

The Journey so far


Chikhli Buldana

An Properitorship firm soly operated



The journey for unlimited possibilities for world wide services


1st International Project

First International project at Fiji Island and Islamabad Pakisthan


Collabration with HKD Hongkong

Collabration with HKD Hongkong , as a Interior design consultant


Empanel Architect

Empanel architect For Forest Department, Municipal Council Chikhli, D.Raja, National Highway



The firm is Register as an Architectural Pvt. Ltd. Company at Thane


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