Building a house or any building isn't a piece of cake.

A one-stop shop for high-quality, vasthu-compliant modern architectural floor plans, structural designs, distinctive 3D elevations, electrical designs, plumbing designs, colours, interior designs, and landscape designs.


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Saves Your Time

You don’t have to constantly travel to the architect’s office, wait around for hours, and take leave from your office. Online, it’s simple; just make a few brief Zoom calls to finish your home architectural designs.

Saves Your Money

Best Price Promise. When compared to hiring a local architectural firm to design the plans, our online architectural design pricing  is 75% more affordable.

Plans based on Vasthu

All of our projects adhere to Vasthu concepts, which aim to create harmony in your new house by utilising the five fundamental elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Modern Designs

Modern design trends include intentional asymmetry, geometric designs with clear, clean lines. Substantially reduce on energy consumption. Low carbon footprint.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Architect?

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Are you worried about problems designing your house?

Time Intensive

To Frequently Visit architect’s Office and wait times taking off from your office.

Overshooting of Budgets

Worried and Stressed Situations When Budgets go beyond your planning. Cost limitations are extremely critical, since quality work can be very expensive.

Badly designed spaces

To Frequently Visit architect’s Office and wait times taking off from your office.

Non Vasthu Complaint

Vasthu Dosh affects, health, wealth, name, fame, success everything. It is preferable to keep this in mind to avoid costly renovations later.

Inadequate Briefings

If there is insufficient definition of the requirements at the start of the project there is a huge risk of dispute during the build or disappointment at completion.

Electrical and Plumbing

Electrical and plumbing services are crucial for the proper functioning of the building.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Architect?

Download the Ebook

Why Choose Homes4india for your House Plans?

You can trust us because we understand you and your requirements.

Save Time And Money

Working online saves your time and money. Just Talk to our In-House Experienced Architects who can help you online at very nominal rates.

Well Designed Spaces

Well-designed home enables easy movement and comfort.

Estimate Construction Cost

Our experts will assist you in estimating construction costs based on your house plans in order to avoid surprises later on and to help you choose the right design that fits your budget.

No Frequent Visits

You do not need to take time off from work to visit the Architect’s office.

Vasthu Complaint

Houses constructed with principles of vasthu appear more graceful, peaceful and flowing with energy. Morning Sun Ray’s affects nutrients in food in kitchen areas planned as per vasthu.

Proper Briefings

Will help you to understand importance of Provisional Sums or Risk monies for unknown issues during the execution of project to avoid any surprises later.

The Best in Architectural Design

Award Winning Architectural design firm in Thane

We strive to give the “Wow” factor our clients are searching for while ensuring top-notch quality, clever use of available space, and cutting-edge design concepts that are in line with the client’s vision and way of life. Our staff is a creative mix of young and experience.

We are contributing to fulfil the dreams of people and through infrastructure development, we are designing for individual and public places and working towards raising the standard of living in society at large.

A good design, in our opinion, is the result of thorough investigation and study, as well as technical expertise and keen creative judgement.

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our services

We provide client focused service through our responsible practice of Architectural Design.

Commercial Architecture

Homes4India Architects has 24 years of expertise in the field and is always seeking for new opportunities to give you better value in architecture.

Residential Architecture

We make houses more beautiful, design experiences, and address problems.

Home Architecture

We strive to always produce work of the highest calibre, delivered on schedule, and within the allocated spending limit.

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We will cover all of the services we provide in great details. During our live zoom sessions, you can request any changes you need. Our Team will get them done for you.

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10 Things You Need To Know Before You Choose A Architect for Your Home Planning.

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