Creating Living Culture that stays with your family

We help weave the 5 Elements of Interior Design i.e.: Furniture, Furnishing, Lighting, Painting and Décor around your life and lifestyle. We Create Tailor made, Cosy and Warm Living Spaces for your family depending on your home need to reflect your taste and lifestyle.


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Well Designed Home

that helps enhance the mood and positivity of a given space.

Child & Elder friendly

Child-friendly and Elder friendly designs can help prevent injury and falls that, for the elderly, can cripple self-esteem and longevity.

Accommodating Spaces

Your home needs to be accommodating. It should be able to make space for all its people and their activities and belongings.

Anticipate future

You should design your home to anticipate your future requirements. It also needs to be durable. Basically, it needs to withstand the test of time.

10 Most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Interior Designer

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Are you worried about problems designing your house?

Improper planning

Leads to some cases where the home looks great but are not functional or easy to maintain, which later causes rapid deterioration in the cleanliness and condition of the place.

Overshooting of Budgets

This happens in almost 70% of the sites you agree on a price but in the end, you end up spending 50 or 100% over the agreed budget.

Negligence in workmanship

There has not been a single site where we find major lapses in workmanship you have to either live with them or fix them out of your own pocket.

Constant Project Changes

This leads to the breaking down some walls later because things don’t fit inside the house.

Cramped Spaces

You don’t have quite as much space as you’d like.

Delay in Completion

A common problem most interior fit-outs face is that the two dates never actually match and this is informed to the client only towards the end of the project which leads to both rage and frustration.

10 Most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Interior Designer

Download the Ebook

Why Choose Homes4india for your House Plans?

You can trust us because we understand you and your requirements.

Proper planning

Proper floor plans and 3D elevations with all unexpected and expected changes on site in mind will result in smooth execution of the project.

Save Money

Well planned and executed with no additional unexpected changes will help you stick to your budgets and save your money.

Quality workmanship

Hiring Quality Carpenters and workmen will result in longevity of furniture and save money in future fixing it.

Pre planning

As per you’re current and future requirements can avoid bigger changes in future.

Spacious Design

Light colours and airy curtains can also help to create the illusion of extra room. Using mirrors to visually amplify small spaces.

Timely Completion

The best way to avoid delays in completion is to have a robust and detailed project schedule at the start of the project, track the project progress daily, and compare it to the planned progress schedule.

The Best in Interior Design

Award Winning Interior design firm in Thane

The interior design solutions offered by Home4India showcase every wall’s originality, refinement, and beauty while being created with style. Home4India creates aesthetic experiences and has created individualised and motivational design solutions for a variety of clients, from private interiors to business settings.

Get incredible interior designs with the best designs, honest prices, and doorstep installation. Choose the design for your home from a variety of urban-modern style themes to fit your personal preferences.

Each project is completed by veterans and industry specialists who produce the greatest designs for your space.

3 Steps how we help our clients to solve their Interior Design Problems:

Checkout how easy it’s to do business with us:


First, we’ll meet and get to know each other well, followed by an exchange of ideas.


We provide complete Interior Design Plans as well as 3D Renderings with real materials. Our actual work outperforms 3D renders.


We set very realistic expectations for the project’s costs and timeline, which are the most important aspects.

our services

We provide client focused service through our responsible practice of Interior Design Service.

Business Interiors

A one-stop shop offering complete commercial interior design services for jobs of every size and type.

Office Interiors

We provide unique interior ideas with smart design solutions for efficient space-saving for your office.

Home Interiors

We offer the best floor plans and layouts together with top-notch craftsmanship to make every room in your dream house distinctive.

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