Our discussion on how to direct positive energy into other significant living spaces i.e your kitchen, bathroom and toilets comes next in our series on Vastu Shastra.

This is the 2nd article from Homes4India on making your homes Vastu positive. 

Vastu for the Kitchen 

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Our energy for the whole day comes from the kitchen, which is an important part of every Indian home. Vastu is a science that governs the placement of appliances in a home. If we put them where Vastu says they should be, we can make sure that good things happen in the home.

Here are some important things to think about when designing a kitchen according to Vastu principles :

  1. The kitchen should be placed in the southeast corner of a house because Agni, according to Vastu Shastra, lives there. You could also take the north-western route if the first option isn’t an option. In any case, watch out for kitchens built with the north, east, or west of a house because this can seriously harm family ties.
  2. Everything in the kitchen symbolizes fire, so it makes sense to put appliances like gas stoves, cylinders, microwaves, and toasters there. Additionally, they ought to be placed so that anyone cooking is forced to face east. As a result, positive energy will be generated.
  3. According to Vastu Shastra, it is not advisable to place gas cylinders and ovens on the same platform or in close proximity to washbasins because water and fire are opposing elements and will behave negatively as a result. It can unintentionally cause conflicts between partners and family members.
  4. Kitchen plumbing fixtures such as sinks, drains, and water pipes should all face north or northeast. Though they should never face north or north-east, overhead tankers in kitchens should.  The water tanker should be placed in front of the kitchen on the western side of the home. Fire and water should be kept in balance. Water balance must be maintained for prosperity and good health.
  5. Positioning your refrigerator in the south-west will help you overcome obstacles in life. Additionally, a quiet kitchen environment will be maintained.

Vastu for the Bathrooms & Toilets 

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Bathrooms and toilets frequently turn into negative spaces in a house because they aren’t treated with the same respect as bedrooms and living rooms. 

In reality, following the rules of Vastu when building a bathroom can help you in the long run. 

Here are a few bathroom design suggestions that adhere to vastu.

  1. According to vastu, a bathroom should be constructed in the north-west corner of the house to facilitate waste removal.
  2. The best door for the bathroom is made of solid wood that is of high quality; metal doors encourage negativity and could be harmful to your health.
  3. Your family and your career will be shielded from outside influences if you always keep the door to the bathroom closed.
  4. The bathroom door should not be decorated with statues or religious icons.
  5. When building a vastu home, the bathroom, bedroom, puja room, and kitchen should not share a wall on the same end because this could bring bad energy into the home. A shared wall between a bed and a toilet can give someone nightmares.
  6. According to vastu, the bathroom’s east, north, and north-east areas should be used for the sink and shower.
  7. The north, east, or north-east direction should be used in vastu when flushing the toilet or opening the bathroom door. The bathroom floor should have the same direction of water drainage.
  8. It is important to take extra care when installing the toilet seat inside a bathroom. In order to support the expulsion of waste and toxins, it should ideally be positioned in the west or north-west direction.
  9. Fresh air and sunlight can enter a bathroom with an east or north-east-facing window or exhaust fan. In order to get rid of bacteria, bathroom ventilation is crucial.
  10. The best colors for the bathroom interior, according to Vastu, are browns, beige, creams, and other earthy tones; avoid using dark blues and blacks.

The information in this article about Vastu Shastra should have helped you learn more about how to use this science to bring good energy into your home.

At Homes4India, Vastu is followed in all of our residential and commercial home designs to give you a positive and energy-filled living space.

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