The next in our series on Vastu is the use of colours to make your home positive

According to Vastu, colors are very important for achieving mental, physical, and spiritual harmony.

There is no denying that colors have a profound psychological effect on individuals. Most of the time, people are at home. Having the right balance of colors in your home is important if you want to feel good and live a healthy life.

People feel different things when they see different colors. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing wall colors according to Vastu.

1. Vastu Colours for Living Room

Living room interior design Trendy blue and white living room interior design blue living room stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

 Vastu Suggestions

Vastu says that you should paint the living room white, yellow, green, or blue.  You can relax and feel calm in a beige living room, and you can do the same in a tan living room.


Most vastu shastra tips for the home say that you shouldn’t use dark colors in your living room because it’s the first room people see when they come into your home. 

Light colors will bring your home to life and make you feel good.


2.  Vastu Colours for Dining Room

Large, Modern Kitchen Large, modern style kitchen orange color dining room stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Vastu Suggestions

Warm colors like peach and light shades of pink or orange are good to use during meals, according to vastu. 

Use cool colors like blue and green to bring your family closer together.


You shouldn’t use only white and black for your color scheme.

It’s possible that these tones could bring in energies that aren’t good for the room or your family.

3.  Vastu Colours for Kitchen

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Vastu Suggestions

It should have colors that honor Agni, who is the god of fire. Orange, saffron, yellow, and red are all good colors to use.


Vastu says that you shouldn’t paint your kitchen a dark, gloomy color. Make sure you think good thoughts as you cook your food.

Avoid colors like dark grey, brown, and black. 

Experts also say that blue should not be used in the kitchen.

4.  Vastu Colours for Master Bedroom

Bed, Bedroom, Closet, Furniture, Lamp

Vastu Suggestions

Vastu shastra suggests a few different colors for the master bedroom. According to vastu, a newlywed couple can decorate their rooms with the colors red or light pink. Because these colors are soothing and warm, they help you and your partner get along better and stay out of fights.

For a relaxing space, lighter shades of blue or green are best. 

Use earthy colors like browns and beiges to make a space feel calm and real.


Vastu Shastra says that there are some places in the master bedroom where you can use different colors.

Orange is a strong color that young professionals can use to help them grow. 

If you have a short fuse, you should avoid this color. Dark reds should also be avoided at all costs.

5. Vastu Colours for Children’s Bedroom

White and violet interior design Photo of white and violet interior design purple child bedroom stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Vastu Suggestions

According to Vastu shastra, you should be careful about the color you choose for your child’s room. For growing children, the best colors are ones that help them think of new ideas. 

Colors that help you focus, like light green or yellow, are blue, red, and purple. 


Red can make your child more angry, so don’t put it in his or her room if he or she gets mad easily. 

Light blue sounds relaxing, but dark blue can be bad for your child’s health. Don’t paint their room dark blue!

6. Vastu Colours for the Bathroom

elegant bathroom with flowers a modern bathroom in an expensive new home with a tear-drop shaped bath (full of water) sitting on a marble plinth. A bidet and WC are located near the window. A lantern with lit candles sits next to a large towel rail whilst a large bunch of red lilies sit on the cabinet to the right of the picture. light brown bathroom stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Vastu Suggestions

People say that your bathroom should be filled with light colors like white, pale yellow, beige, cream, and light brown. These colors will make the room feel more positive. You’ll love how light green and different shades of blue make you feel better in your bathroom.


If your bathroom is already small, a dark color might make it seem even smaller.

These colors might not be good for your bathroom because they bring out bad energy.

We’re sure that after reading this article on Vastu Shastra, you have a better idea of how colors can bring good energy into your home.

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