Indian interior design is steeped in a rich mixture of cultures. It is a style that continues down through the years because of its mix of influences from our history. Our culture draws from many different sources such as temple architecture or intricate carvings found on monuments. A style that is similar to our culture is the result of all this.

Indian interior design has a lot to offer, but be careful not to be overwhelmed by it. It’s easy to implement these.

These 5 tips of interior designs from Homes4India team,  will surely add some color and flair to your home.


#1 Enhance your Style with Vibrant colors

Colorful interiors are characterized by bright and varied colors. Even though you’re tempting to go wild with your design, it’s important to remember that too much color can make it look chaotic.

You can make your walls and floors look orange with yellows, browns, and oranges. For smaller pieces like pillowcases and chairs, you can use fluorescent yellows and pinks, as well as bold blues and greens. Another option is to accent the room with a neutral shade and bright primary colors.



#2 Use Solid Wood Furniture  to make a Statement

Solid wood is used in Indian interior design to reflect colonial nostalgia.  Choose pieces in metal and ivory that feature carvings, curved armrests, and gorgeous inlay work. Make the most of an ornate centerpiece and then add more understated furnishings to complement them.

There are a number of options for wooden chest, footstool, jharokhas, and birdcages, which are uniquely Indian.  If you are going to use the wood, you have to know the types of wood and where to use them.



#3  Indian origin  Designs and patterns to Theme up your soft furnishings

The fabrics of India have been popular for a long time. The fabrics can be used in many ways in the home, from bed linen to curtains, to simple sheets thrown over a divan, to carpets and dhurries.

If you’re planning on making a centerpiece or cushions, make sure to use fine fabrics that include ikat and dabbing prints as part of Indian interior design. For footstools, cotton and khadi can be used, while jute can be used.     




#4. Walls with Rustic folk arts

Every 50 kilometers, the taste of food is said to change in India. It applies to all local art. If you want to purchase paintings from Maharashtra or Bihar, there are many options to choose from.

When we have so many to choose from, why don’t we use these traditional art forms to create our home interiors?  You can choose to have a wallpaper with these desi motifs or have a wall painted by local artists.  

#5 Patchwork to make your living more vibrant

The perfect way to liven up your home’s interior is with patchwork. The soft furnishings come in a wide variety of colors, and when mixed together they make unique and trendy designs.

Patchwork is used to make Tapestries, carpets, cushions and carpet covers. When you frame a patchwork fabric, you have your statement wall ready.

We hope you liked this article on Indian home designs to add some flair to your lifestyle. Take a look at some of the interior designs at Homes4India for residences in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and across India.

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