Drawing Room Designs in 2023

The design of a living room or a drawing room can vary greatly from person to person, as well as depending on the size and layout of the room. There are, however, a few things that most drawing rooms have in common. 

These include putting an emphasis on comfort and relaxation with comfy chairs, blankets, and pillows, using a consistent color scheme to create a unified look, adding plants to give the room a sense of life and energy, and using lighting to make the space feel warm and inviting. 

Drawing room designs may also include a statement piece, like a large piece of art or a bold piece of furniture, and enough storage space to keep all of your things in order. 

In the end, the best way to design a drawing room is to choose elements that reflect your personal style and needs and to find a balance between how the room looks and how well it works.

Due to space constraints, the living room may double as the drawing room. This is also the norm in the typical Indian household. However, drawing rooms can never take the place of living rooms because their formal decor lacks the homey touches typical of a living room. 

Top Drawing Rooms Designs 

#1 A Modern Living Room Fit for Big Parties

drawing room

Do you think it’s possible to convince you that 50 people can fit in here? The drawing room was designed with the flow of a party in mind, making it ideal for hosting large gatherings. Have you noticed the table in the middle of the room?

Its fluid shape makes it easy for all seated guests to use without taking up too much space. When you’re having a small party, the two grey sectional sofas are a great way to seat people. And the accent couches provide a much-needed blend in the colors! 

#2 Contrasting styles of modernity and Mughal influence

drawing room

This is what a Mughal interior would have looked like if the palace’s decor had been completed today. 

The Mughal motifs of the drawing room here inspired the room’s lavish design.

The shiny details and soft upholstery give the furniture a clear art deco look. Furthermore, the glitzy vibe is amplified by the patterned dark curtains. It’s worth noting that there is no television. This is because it serves only as a dedicated guest room.

#3 The View from This Stylish Contemporary Living Room

drawing room

The pool can be seen clearly from this living room, which is a notable feature. And what’s more? 

The color scheme is luxurious creams. To sum up, this living room exemplifies the minimal glam aesthetic to perfection. All cream and an open floor plan make for a modern and uncluttered aesthetic. 

While the wooden accents add a touch of glitz to the space, the velvet and silk used in the upholstery and other soft furnishings bring the room to life. 

The family can host parties with ease thanks to the numerous seating options. 

#4 Its Baithak and the Haveli

drawing room

There should be no mistaking the decor of this living room from the intricately carved furniture with lighting

A formal sitting area, or baithak, is where guests are greeted in this spot-on recreation of a classic Indian haveli. The combination of the reds and gold with the polished wood creates a regal atmosphere. 

Make sure you have sufficient floor space and a tall enough ceiling if you want to try this look. 

It fits in naturally with the context. 

#4 Separate but equally lovely seating areas in the living room

drawing room

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This is a good example of one of those drawing rooms. Because of the room’s predominance of white furnishings, the wallpaper is the sole decorative element that draws the eye. 

The abundance of wood here provides the necessary coziness. The hallmarks of the Indian minimal style are all present here. 

It’s interesting to note that this drawing room is actually a section of a larger family room. This area is adjacent to the kitchen, and beyond that is the family’s private living quarters. 

Tips for Creating an Elegant Living Room.

Now that we’ve seen some examples of actual drawing rooms, let’s get an idea of what it takes to create one on your own. The following are some excellent additions to your living room that you should consider:

  • Do without the television and invest in a quality stereo instead.
  • Don’t add any touches that could be interpreted as personal, such as pictures of your family or houseplants.
  • Make sure there is plenty of formal seating, such as a couch and chairs, so that guests can relax and stay for a while.
  • Accent chairs, accent walls, and bold lighting or flooring are all great ways to do this.
  • Have one large table in the center and several side tables set up around it for serving food and drinks.

Refresh Your Living Room’s Look With These Innovative Ideas

If you want to know the best ways to design a living room, read the tips below.

#1 Try alternatives to couches to add more seating.

drawing room

If you would rather not have a sofa, you can always go with some colorful diwans, interesting chairs, and fashionable ottomans. However, if you want to accommodate more guests but don’t want to overcrowd your living room with two sofa sets, you can always add some futons, chaise lounges, or day beds.

#2 Choose a Television Set That Advances Your Status

drawing room

In common parlance, a living room isn’t complete without a sofa set and a television. Whereas a TV unit in the living room is more natural for casual family viewing, a bar unit in the drawing room is better suited for formal entertaining. On the other hand, most contemporary living rooms now feature a TV unit that doubles as substantial storage space.

#3 Make your room stand out with a statement wall.

drawing room

Adding a focus to your drawing room’s design can do wonders for the room’s aesthetic. A simple accent wall or three-dimensional feature wall is all that’s needed to achieve this effect. You can do the same with wallpaper, like the above house, or you can choose other options, such as fluted wall panels, 3D structures, and textured wall designs. One way or another, that wall will be the talk of your party.

#4 Include a Sofa That Sparks Conversations

drawing room

Hosting guests, or just having them over, is all about starting conversations, and so is a drawing room. The right sofa can turn any room into a cozy space, ideal for social gatherings, business presentations, and more.

#5 Invest in a Bar Unit to Raise the Standard

drawing room

Including a bar unit in the living room is a fantastic idea. To better entertain your guests and win their praise, consider investing in a stylish bar unit. Additionally, it works wonderfully for any board meetings you might be holding in your living room.

FAQs on Drawing Room Design

What Kind of Furniture Is Necessary for a Living Room?

You should put a sofa, a sofa bed, a coffee table, some side tables, a storage unit that can be used for different things, and some shelves in your living room.

What should I do to make my living room more attractive?

Adding an accent wall and using layered lighting to create pools of light to achieve the desired ambience will turn your drawing into a work of art that will be the talk of the town.

Which Color Is Best for a Living Room?

If you want your living room to be a cheery place to be, go with a sunny yellow or a beautiful blue. If you prefer a more somber atmosphere, you can always paint the walls a shade of grey, brown, or dark blue.

How Do You Decorate a Living Room?

The essentials for a well-styled drawing room include a plush sofa, coffee table or center table, supplementary diwans or futons, and a bar unit. Begin with a layout and make sure to stick to a consistent theme throughout. 

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