We totally get if the thought of picking out new curtains for your living room fills you with dread. You can pick from a wide variety of pre-existing hues, designs, and patterns, or go the custom route for even more options. If you haven’t yet settled on the perfect curtains for your home, take a look at the 7 inspiring rooms below, which are featured by homes4india

Consider Adding Trim to Your Living Room Curtains

curtains with trim

Curtains with a decorative trim look and feel more unique and expensive. Pick a design you love, and you’ll keep looking at it with delight for years to come.

Add Sweet Scallops to in your Living Room Curtains

scallop curtains

Why not have a little fun? A living room with an abundance of scalloped elements, is also evident in many drapes. Adding a touch of green to this space adds additional preppy charm.

Try different patterns on the curtains in your living room.

curtain patterns

If you like textiles, you can order your own curtains with the pattern you want. The living room’s art deco style is a perfect match for the somber flowers.

Keep It Simple for your Living Room Curtains

simple curtains

Curtains in timeless neutrals never look out of place. The white curtains disappear into the wall and make the already spacious room seem even bigger.  

Orange drapes in the living room are a daring choice.

orange curtains

Choose a curtain color that stands out by going against the grain if you’re feeling daring. Maybe you’d find comfort in the color yellow, or perhaps the color orange appeals to you. These cozy drapes have a very chic appearance.

Make it black and white for your living room curtains.

black and white curtains

To use a single color scheme is not necessarily a bad thing. In this warm and inviting living space, gray is currently trending as it goes well with the room’s exposed brick and wooden ceiling.

Curtains for the Living Room That Are Purely Classic

classic curtains

It’s best to go with a simple, timeless color scheme if you’re going to install very long curtains, as seen here. They don’t compete with the room’s other design elements, but rather highlight them.

More Creative Ways to Adorn Your Living Room Windows with Curtains

  1. There are numerous variables to consider when selecting curtains, such as color, pattern, fabric, etc.
  2. You’ll also need to track down the proper hardware, such as doorknobs, curtain rods, pins, and hooks.
  3. Pick curtains that complement the color and style of your wall rather than distract from it.
  4. The curtain fabric ought to be a contrasting shade from the dominant wall color.
  5. Always use a measuring tape to double check your work, and if you can, go with no-sew curtains.
  6. You can change out your blinds for curtains with rods and finials. The task of hanging clips becomes very simple because of this.
  7. Complete the look of your living room by coordinating the furnishings and accessories. 

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