Wooden mandir design ideas in 2023

Every Hindu residence has a pooja mandir, or prayer room. It’s where you pray to the God you worship and perform other rituals to ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones. Your devotion to your religion and your deity will be reflected in the design of your pooja mandir. 

Prior to beginning construction, it is important to decide whether this addition will be a short-term or long-term addition to your house. Making a special place in your home to worship or meditate benefits not only the individual who creates it but also the entire family.

Because of the constraints of today’s small dwellings, we sometimes have to make difficult choices. A dedicated pooja room is one of the most important features that is becoming more challenging to include in a modern house. This is because, unlike older apartments, newer ones may not feature a separate room that can be used to set up a place of worship. Still, you shouldn’t be concerned if your apartment building doesn’t have a designated pooja room. 

Homes4India recommends some beautiful and functional one-wall wooden mandir designs. 

Latest Designs for Wooden Pooja Mandirs for Homes

#1 Home Temple Made of Dark Wood 

wooden mandir

Live in a small space but despise minimalist decor? Take a look at this freestanding wooden temple. The mandir’s gopura and dark wood construction are hallmarks of its traditional design. You may have also seen shelves that are used to store everyday puja items.

#2 Geometrically Decorated Wooden Home Temple

wooden mandir

Do you have a solitary empty spot in your family room?  Then think about this mandir plan, which includes a panel with geometric designs on its back and a wooden platform for the murti. Temple bells and a bright pendant light further amplify the atmosphere. This home wooden temple’s back panel has a distinctive texture because it is made of wooden pattis. 

#3 Wooden Mandir Jaali With Detailed Carvings, a Bold Statement

wooden mandir

Everyone adores the stunning jaalis. Wooden pooja mandir designs for the home crafted using these detailed carvings would be worthy of worship.  Have a look at this layout.  This mandir’s beautiful jaali really brings out the brown marble flooring and light wood. One of the best features of jaali frames is that they let in air while still providing some visibility.

#4 Experiment with a Stone Wall in Your Wooden Mandir Home Interior Design.

wooden mandir

An excellent use for the divider wall is in the construction of a mandir. The unique features of this wooden mandir are the result of careful design consideration. This room is more interesting to look at thanks to the stone wall. The look is finished off with wooden ceiling paneling and a lofty wooden platform.  

#5 Mandir Swings Made of Wooden Crafts

wooden mandir

Among many wooden mandirs designs, this one-wall model with a swing stands out as a true original. The swing is an extension of the polished solid wood beams that feature intricate jaali details. Shutters and a wall of the pooja room   give the impression of more room than there actually is. Notice how the swing is a seamless extension of the rest of the design. 

#6 Modest Rafter-Lit Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs

wooden mandir

Simple wooden pooja mandir designs for homes can be made to look extravagant by strategically placing lights around the space. Recessed lighting installed in the ceiling of this wooden temple to the home makes it feel both warm and welcoming.  The simple design is further emphasized by the affordable wallpaper. 

If you have some creativity and a small budget, you can make a beautiful pooja corner like this!  

#7 Intricate White Wooden Carvings

wooden mandir

In search of a wooden temple design for a bigger apartment? So this ought to be it. The murtis will stand on the wooden platform with the white laminate finish. This single-wall temple’s standout feature is the jaali, a piece of wood decorated with intricate traditional carvings. Brass lamps and bells in a temple style serve to break up the white decor.    

#8 A Wooden Mandir Plan with Lots of Drawers

wooden mandir

This home’s mandir is a creative use of the otherwise wasted space in the home’s hallway. The tall wooden platform for the murtis, which features white laminates, also serves as storage space. This mandir is constructed entirely of wood, and its central panel is a single, unadorned board.

#9 A Plan for a Floating Wooden Pooja Mandir

wooden mandir

If you want a simple design for a home pooja mandir made of wood but don’t have the space for anything more elaborate, this is the design for you. This floating unit is made of light wood and features a large space for the murti as well as several platforms.  The ability to safely light incense sticks and diyas is another great benefit of this item.

#10 A Classic Brown Background and a Simple Wooden Mandir

wooden mandir

If you like urban and stylish home decor, you might want to put this wooden temple in your home. A stone wall with a marble accent in the middle makes it look better. The console unit itself floats and serves as a storage space.  

#11 A wall-mounted wooden mandir with minimal decoration.

wooden mandir

This unpretentious nook could serve as a pooja area if a grand, elaborate wooden mandir is not your thing. Installed into a wall niche, it features only a wooden shelf, bells, and lamps. Bringing life and serenity to the room is the wallpaper, which is adorned with plants.

#12 A Colorful Mandir Wall Design Carved From Wood

wooden mandir

A wall painted with vibrant motifs can serve as a mandir just as effectively as the one shown here. The white color scheme is vastu-compliant, and the white back panel of the floating wooden unit is a nice touch. Additional storage is available in the form of drawers and open shelves.  

#13 A Minimalist Floating Wooden Mandir for your Home

wooden mandir

Elegant and simple wooden pooja mandir designs are great for homes with limited square footage. In this pooja stand, the only focus is on the  murti with hidden backlights. To further draw attention, you can dab it with decorative patterns.

#14 Floating Wooden Mandir in an Otherwise Empty Room

wooden mandir

The veneer coating on this home’s custom partition helps to hide its presence and give it a sleek look. By dividing the living and dining areas, this partition makes room for a niche in the wall, where the mandir can be displayed. Its jali back panel and free-floating console for displaying murtis allow it to make efficient use of available room. 

Common Mistakes to avoid while choosing a location for Wooden Mandirs

Although there are many factors to consider when planning a wooden mandir for your deities, these are the five that cannot be overlooked.

  1. Mandirs shouldn’t be placed anywhere near flushing toilets, as doing so is considered both disrespectful and unsanitary.
  2. If you absolutely must have a mandir in your bedroom, make sure to keep it out of sight.
  3. If you want your home to be a vastu-compliant paradise, avoid putting things like family heirlooms and pictures of ancestors in your wooden temple.
  4. Broken glass mirrors and damaged idols are both considered unlucky and bad for your health, so it’s best to keep them out of your home.

How to Choose a Home Mandir Design

When deciding on a plan for your home pooja mandir, keep the following in mind:

  • Size: Think about how much room you have before deciding on a size.
  • Material: If you’re designing a pooja room on a tight budget, we recommend man-made materials like MDF, laminate, HDF-HMR, or even wood instead of more expensive natural stones like marble.
  • Colour: In terms of color, there are two things to keep in mind when planning your mandir’s aesthetic. Your first consideration should be whether or not the color is vastu-compliant, and your second should be whether or not it complements the predominately used colors in your home.

Location of Pooja Rooms According to Vastu

The pooja room’s placement is crucial in Vastu Shastra. 

  1. Vastu Shastra experts say that the best place for a pooja room is in the northeast, then the north, and then the east.
  2. It’s worth noting that the worshipper’s face should be facing east while the idol’s face is facing west. 
  3. It is best to avoid having a pooja room that faces south, though a room facing west is acceptable. 

How Can Homes for India Help You with Wooden Mandir Designing? 

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Here are some of the benefits you can expect as you work with Homes4India

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  2. We have customers all over the country and serve them in cities like Kolkata, Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bengaluru.
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What Kind of Wood Is Ideal for a Pooja Room?

Materials used in pooja rooms are subject to change as fashions come and go. A wooden temple for interior design, however, has endured and remained a desi favorite. Mandirs made entirely of wood are typically constructed from teak, sheesham, or mango. According to Vastu Shastra, the most fortunate types of wood are sheesham and rosewood.

FAQs on Wooden Mandir Design

What decorations should I use for my home temple?

Think about repainting the walls, picking a unique pooja door style, picking the right lighting, and furnishing the floor.

Vastu dictates that the deity should be above the navel when someone is standing and praying. Mandir bases should be between 32 and 36 inches above the ground.

Which design, a marble temple or a wooden temple, is best for my house?

A wooden mandir is typically lighter and easier to manage when compared to a marble temple of comparable size.

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