10 Ideas for Exposed Brick Wall Interiors

Exposed brick walls bring a unique charm and beauty to any home, and they are no longer just seen in urban loft apartments. Whether they are on your bedroom wall, or the focal point of your living room, exposed brick walls can give your interior a touch of modern industrialism while still having a warm and old-world feel. Their rustic texture, natural charm and various colour options make them a perfect choice to add visual interest and unique character to interiors.

But decorating a brick wall that is the star of the show can be a challenge, so we’ve gathered 10 easy and stylish ideas to help you make the most of your exposed brick wall – all while ensuring a beautiful and timeless look. From hanging greenery and modern artwork to enhancing the wall with brightly-coloured accents, these 10 ideas for exposed brick wall interiors.

List of Ideas

1. Paint the brick wall

paint on exposed brick wall

One of the most popular options for exposed brick wall interiors is to paint the brick wall. This can give you an extra level of customization. You can pick a color that matches the overall palette to make the wall more subtle, an accent shade to make it stand out, or even a pastel hue to give the room a more inviting atmosphere.

2. Add shelving

shelving on exposed brick wall

Installing shelving to an exposed brick wall is a great way to add character and storage to your space in one go. You can utilize the shelving to make the brick wall the backdrop of your décor and showcase books or other memorabilia.

3. Install wine racks

wine racks on exposed brick wall

For a modern, industrial look, installing wine racks on an exposed brick wall is a great way to add a bit of flair and functionality. This is especially practical if you’re a wine enthusiast as it allows you to conveniently store your bottles near your living area while also adding décor.

4. Hang artwork

artwork on exposed brick wall

Installing artwork on an exposed brick wall is both stylish and easy. Whether it’s framed pictures or sculptures, it’s an easy way to accentuate the wall and add texture to the room.

5. Create a feature wall

 feature exposed brick wall

An exposed brick wall can be transformed into a feature wall by adding a stencil or wallpaper to it. This gives the room a bit of texture and personality while also making it stand out.

6. Incorporate wood

 wood panels on exposed brick walls

Installing wood panels or plank shelves directly onto the exposed brick wall will create a rustic look in your space. This is a great way to add a vintage vibe and create a warm atmosphere.

7. Hang mirrors

mirrors on exposed brick wall

Hanging mirrors directly on an exposed brick wall can make the room look larger visually. It also reflects light around the room, making it look more inviting and light-filled.

8. Install floating shelves

Floating shelves on exposed brick walls

Installing floating shelves onto the exposed brick wall is a great way to create a unique aesthetic. It’s easy to do and can give the room extra storage space, which is always a plus.

9. Add some plants

plants on exposed brick walls

Adding some green life to the room can make your exposed brick wall even more attractive. It’s a great way to liven up any space and bring in an outdoorsy atmosphere.

10. Create an accent wall

accent wall exposed brick

Creating an accent wall with an exposed brick wall can make the room look more interesting. You can paint the wall a bold color or add artwork, hang a large piece of fabric, or install planks of wood or shelves onto the wall.

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Exposed brick walls are becoming increasingly popular for interior design. With the right treatment and styling, these walls can make a room look beautiful and sophisticated. There are so many ways to make an exposed brick wall look great and make the room more interesting, from installing planking and shelves to adding a feature wall and incorporating plants. With the help of interior designers like Homes4India, your exposed brick wall can be transformed into a stunning feature in any home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to maintain exposed brick walls? 

The best way to maintain exposed brick walls is to dust them regularly and apply a sealant every few years. You should also avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals and scrubbing the brick too aggressively.

How much does it cost to install exposed brick walls?

The cost of installing exposed brick walls can vary depending on the type of brick and other factors, check with us on this aspect.

Will exposed brick walls affect the humidity in my house?

Yes, exposed brick walls can affect the humidity levels in your home. The porous nature of the brick can absorb and retain moisture, which can increase the humidity in a room. It’s important to keep the humidity at a comfortable level to prevent mold from growing.

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