Two Colour Combination for Living Room Walls

Selecting a colour scheme for your living room walls might be difficult. The mood of a space can be drastically altered by simply changing the colour of the walls. Because of the depth and visual appeal they may bring to a living room, two colour combinations are a popular choice for painting the walls. 

In this article, Homes4India takes a look at some of the most well-liked two colour schemes for living room walls, and offers advice on how to achieve that appearance. 

List of Living room wall colour combinations using two colours

1. The Colors Blue and Grey 

Blue and Grey living room

A timeless and soothing pairing. Harmonizes perfectly with any organic wood fixtures and furnishings.  An airy, modern vibe may be achieved with lighter colours of blue and grey, while a more refined aesthetic can be achieved with darker tones. 

2. The Color Scheme of Grey and Yellow 

 Grey and Yellow living room

A mix that is both warm and welcoming. Well suited to a space bathed in natural light If you’re going for a delicate, girly vibe, stick to pastels like yellow and grey, or go all out with bright colours for an energetic, fun vibe. 

3. White and beige 

White and beige 

A classic and sophisticated pairing. Ideal for use as a blank canvas on which to showcase bright furnishings and accents.  Make the room more interesting by utilising a number of different textures and patterns. 

4. Green and White 

 Green and White living room

A harmonious union of natural elements. Compatible with natural substances like wood and stone. Employ pastels for a calm, spa-like atmosphere, or bold colours for a lively presentation. 

5. Mixing Pink and Grey 

Pink and Grey living room

A fusion of romanticism and refinement. Just right for a sophisticated and sophisticatedly feminine room. Use cooler tones of pink and grey for a delicate, demure appearance, or warmer tones for a lively, fun vibe. 


1. Can I paint my living room in more than two different colours? 

A lot of attention is paid to using just two colours together, but there are no guidelines about how to do it. It is possible to decorate a living room with more than two colours. Use hues that go well together to avoid a mismatched appearance. 

2. What colour palette would you recommend for my living room walls? 

Think about the amount of natural light in the room, the type of furniture you have, and the atmosphere you hope to achieve before settling on a colour scheme. Before settling on a final hue, it’s a good idea to see how it looks in the room. 

3. What colour scheme would you recommend for my living room? 

Mood is an important factor here. There is a general consensus that rooms decorated in lighter hues feel more open and airy, while those decorated in darker colours might be more intimate and warm. 

4. What kind of wall covering would you recommend for my family room? 

Ultimately, it’s a matter of taste. Finishes like satin and semi-gloss are fantastic for a more polished and sophisticated aesthetic, while matte finishes are preferred for a more natural, organic effect. 

5. How can I use two colours to make my living room seem bigger? 

The use of lighter hues helps to deceive the eye into perceiving more room than there actually is. In addition, stripes can be used to alter the visual perception of a space, with vertical stripes giving the impression of height and horizontal stripes of width. 

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